Found it!

For a little fun I decided to take an online career quiz.  I thought, maybe it will give me some insight into which direction I should follow.   Here are the results:


What Career Should You Actually Have?

You got: Astronaut

  1. You are an explorer. You are curious about the world around you and the way it works. You look at things closely, and often with a different perspective than everyone else. You’re quite unique, lucky you. Other occupations: researcher, teacher.




Maybe I should start looking a little deeper.   I’ll start by listing my passions and strengths.  Sounds reasonable, right?

Passions: Travel, fashion, baking, food, sewing, crafting

Strengths:  baking, crafting, party planning, math

While there are some overlaps, I know I don’t want to do anything related to food.   After a stint cake decorating I am too familiar with the time sensitivity and fickleness of baking.  So, I’ll have to keep that in the ‘just for fun’ column.    Now if only I could find a job that has me traveling around the world and eating.   If you know of a vacancy please let me know!



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