California or Bust

We arrived safe and sound in lovely southern California about a week ago.  Which isn’t particularly notable except for the fact that we are traveling like gypsies with 6 suitcases comprising 6 months worth of belongings.   It was a whirlwind first week – touring the kids new school, buying uniforms, enrolling them in school, and basically trying to figure out where everything is.

School was the easy part.  Finding living accommodations was a bit harder.  We were looking for a furnished space with at least 3 bedrooms with either a pool or ocean view (we are in southern California, after all) that will give us a 6 month lease.   Unfortunately,  there weren’t many places that fit the bill.  In the end, we decided on an extended stay villa at a local resort.  The place is gorgeous, with a view AND a pool!   So, even if it means the kids can’t go to college, at least we will live like kings these next 5 months.


Sunset on our first night.  Before the rain…..IMG_7597.JPG

Homework on the porch.  Can’t do that in Virginia in January.


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